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Over 500 projects completed and counting. The results speak for themselves:

E-commerce Website Project Rescue

A client was poorly advised to use an ecommerce platform that would limit web functionality and destroy their search rankings. We analyzed the weaknesses and provided a pathway for success.

Result: Over $400,000 saving

Email Marketing Process Improvement

Client was being charged over $17,000 each time an email was produced by their agency. We implemented a template approach making emails significantly less expensive and faster to create.

Result: Cut production costs 261+%

Sales Funnel Design and Optimization.

The client was targeting their market with the wrong approach. We changed how they identified a prospect, developed a nurturing campaign, and converted prospects into client with a low-cost offer.

Result: 32% increase in new customers

Experience, knowledge, and commitment

About our team

Since 1998, we’ve seen digital marketing evolve from CD-ROMs to the online world in which we live today. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to excellence that our clients demand and appreciate.

Whether fixing a specific issue or developing an entire digital marketing strategy, let us roll up our sleeves and help out.

JM Bernstein PortraitJean-Michel Bernstein

In his capacity as the team leader, “JM” has over 20 years experience in marketing, leadership, business operations and client relations.

He has personally worked on brands including Botox, Verizon Wireless, Macy’s, First American, Bank of America, and Mitsubishi. He holds several digital marketing certifications and has a Black Belt Six Sigma certificate from Villanova University.

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