Located in Irvine, CA (Orange County), emarcom is an interactive agency specializing in helping small to medium-sized businesses leverage the internet and interactive marketing to increase sales, reduce costs and optimize profitability. We integrate online and offline marketing efforts and make the end-user experience an optimal interaction.

Our approach to interactive marketing solutions is based on a 30-30-40 premise:

  • 30% Design
  • 30% Content
  • 40% Technology

When carefully synchronized, these three elements create an unstoppable synergy designed to create lasting relationships with clients and customers. The design, content and technology approach to interactive takes the prospect on a journey from being unaware of the company or product to becoming a customer in a seemingly natural progression.

Most clients start with us performing an audit on one or more areas of their existing site to see what is or isn’t working. In some cases, we fix an existing site. In other cases, it’s best to start all over and create a new site from scratch. Our audits include:

We create websites focused on optimal user experience including portfolio, e-commerce, membership and product/service specific sites. We optimize for search engines and have a unique approach to mobile to complement already-made responsive websites.  We also fortify existing WordPress websites with security measures designed to make hacking attempts extremely difficult. Since 1998 we have worked with and consulted to small and very large businesses, advertising agencies and other businesses in a myriad of industries.