Does Your Marketing Need Help?

Marketing is a complex exercise all companies must do in some fashion. Whether it be generating leads, converting prospects into customer, or squeezing out as much revenue as possible from an existing client-base, we can help. A three-pronged approach to marketing consulting services, we apply proven marketing techniques designed to help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their marketing.

Emarcom Energize Leads

Generate More Leads

A business’ website is typically their most important marketing tool. When done correctly, websites can generate effective, on-target leads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Casting a wide net that includes social media marketing, credibility-building content, PPC, and effective SEO is the foundation of lead generation. It’s also important to clearly define the target audience and create a logical and easy to progress sales funnel. Making sure the overall customer experience includes ADA accessibility is also important.

Emarcom-Monetize Leads and Prospects

Convert Leads Into Customers

The objective of marketing is converting a prospect into a customer. The process of earning someone’s trust so they are willing to invest time learning about your product or money making a purchase is pivotal.

However, we’ve seen all too often that businesses rush through this process and end up scaring otherwise viable prospects away because they simply went “too fast.” Everyone has their own purchasing process that’s riddled with apprehension. As a marketer, the objective is to uncover the prospect’s methodology and overcome their fears. Proper use of email marketing, landing pages, sales offer adjustments, and ecommerce optimization combine to help in the process of monetizing leads into sales.

Emarcom Capitalize Profitability

Maximize Profit

Once a company has a customer list, knowing how to maximize the profits from that customer base can ensure business longevity and overall business value. Using marketing automation to nurture a client base can significantly impact a customer’s loyalty and brand allegiance for years to come. Marketing tactics include the use of email customer nurture campaigns, list segmentation, and process improvement. Our fractional marketing services can handle all or a portion of any EMC:365™ phase.