Problems We Solve

Problems. All business owners have them. Most of the time, business owners are forced to only pick battles they have time for.

Emarcom is a solutions provider for businesses who don’t have the in-house staff, expertise or time to design, create and maintain their online presence. These areas tend to be in the following areas:

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Websites are very dynamic and complicated. Just like a car engine, with so many moving parts, problems can quickly form. Getting a “check up” or “diagnostic” check from time to time can solve issues before they become problems or identify problems that exist and resolve them before more damage occurs. We have a “Website Performance Review Report” that checks over 120 items on a website to help determine the healthiness of a website.

Mobile traffic to websites varies on industry, content, and nature of the business. But one thing for certain, more and more website traffic is on mobile. Having a confusing mobile site can cause more damage than good. Unfortunately, most stock themes used to build websites make it difficult to access mobile-oriented content. Our Mobile First Page solution anticipates what most mobile users are looking for with a simple, content rich page. If the user wants more information, they can continue to the “normal” website for more content.

Most business owners are busy running a business and training their staff how to support their business objectives. In some cases, the staff may be “pseudo” technical and able to handle some website and online marketing issues, but not in all cases.

Emarcom offers an outsource “webmaster” service. We can work with existing staff or completely autonomously to handle the ongoing needs of running a website effectively.

Relationships are the foundation for any successful business. Finding new prospects, earning their trust, and servicing them is the lifeblood of business revenue and profits. However, most online marketing efforts either entail a form of shouting or are simply too assertive/aggressive when asking for a sale.

Emarcom’s online sale process design helps businesses find new prospects, establish new relationships and maximize the revenue potential of that prospects. Let us help you design an effective online sales funnel.

As the years have passed, the “secret” nature of what makes good search engine optimization has dissipated. There are some very basic steps needed to create a solid SEO basis. Missing even the simplest foundational element can cause havoc to a website’s ranking potential.

Emarcom can review current SEO settings and fix any errors there may be. Or, we can also pour a new foundation upon which the website will sit if no SEO exists currently.

Websites get old quickly and require an update or redesign every 2-3 years. The technology used to create sites is constantly changing but what plagues the internet the most is hacking. Old websites are more prone to hacking because the security is outdated. And since, for most businesses, a website is the most valuable marketing tool, keeping a website fresh and secure is very important.

Emarcom uses a 30-30-40 approach to website design that combines design, content, and technology to create a visually pleasing, content-rich and technologically sound website.