Process Improvement

Our process improvement service is an ongoing, proactive approach of identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes within an organization. Thus, optimizing activity and meeting KPIs (key performance indicators). We systematically approach the processes in question by analyzing the current results and identifying potential weak areas. We then rely upon on our 20+ years of experience and resources to create effective solutions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have literally transformed B2B and B2C business over the years. Mobile apps can be very profitable and help:

  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Improve customer service
  • Extend website experience
  • Facilitate communication
  • Leverage automation

Software Development

Developing custom-made software can be very cost-effective. Some of the benefits of having proprietary software include:

  • Stay organized and efficient
  • Save money by not wasting time with generic software
  • Reduce exposure if software systems stop working together
  • Consolidate operations into a single system
  • Minimize dependency on outside vendors
  • Leverage profitable propriety processes


The barriers of entry into e-commerce had all but disappeared and customers expect to buy online.

  • E-commerce continues to grow between 13-25+% (depending on industry)
  • Creates a 24/7 storefront
  • Reduces sales costs
  • Can integrate with existing ERP systems

Vendor Selection

Choosing the right vendor can make or break any endeavor. Using a consultant to do so can:

  • Let business operations continue
  • Reduce the “political” nature of vendor selection
  • Tap into a new network of providers
  • Better assess overall vendor capabilities