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Our approach to problem identification and resolution is data-driven so we can measure our success.

Here are just a few results of our clients:

Emarcom Blog Results Matter

E-commerce Website Project Rescue

The client was advised to use a platform that would limit their capabilities and destroy their current website rankings. We analyzed the weaknesses and provided a pathway for success.

Result: Over $400,000 saving.

Email Marketing Process Improvement

Client was being charged over $17,000 each time an email was produced by their agency. We implemented a template approach making emails significantly less expensive and faster to create.

Result: Cut production costs over 261%.

Sales Funnel Design and Optimization.

The client was targeting their market with the wrong approach. We changed how they identified a prospect, developed a nurturing campaign, and converted prospects into client with a low-cost offer.

Result: 32% increase in new customers.

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