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E-commerce is becoming increasingly more important for businesses to leverage in one capacity or another. Whether it be part of a early phase in a customer funnel or part of daily sales, choosing the right platform to integrate with your ERP is critical.

Most barriers of entry into e-commerce have all but disappeared and customers expect to be able to buy or transact online. Leveraging e-commerce includes many benefits such as:

  • E-commerce continues to grow between 13-25+% (depending on industry)
  • Creates a 24/7 storefront
  • Reduces sales costs
  • Can integrate with existing ERP systems

One major issue with e-commerce platforms is the focus on overall functionality with little regard to other key marketing, SEO and performance issues. Depending on the business objectives, some e-commerce platforms are better suited than others.

Let us help you determine whether your current platform is the best suited for your key business objectives or needs refinement.

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