Ecommerce Optimization: Pulling the right levers

Don’t Get Left Behind

E-commerce is becoming increasingly more important for businesses to leverage in one capacity or another. Whether it be part of an early phase in a customer funnel or part of daily sales, choosing the right platform to integrate with your ERP is critical.

Most barriers to entry into e-commerce have all but disappeared and customers expect to be able to buy or transact online. Leveraging e-commerce includes many benefits such as:

  • E-commerce continues to grow between 13-25+% (depending on industry)
  • Creates a 24/7 storefront
  • Reduces sales costs
  • Can integrate with existing ERP systems

One major issue with e-commerce platforms is the focus on overall functionality with little regard to other key marketing, SEO, and performance issues. Depending on the business objectives, some e-commerce platforms are better suited than others.

Let us help you determine whether your current platform is the best suited for your key business objectives or needs refinement.

More than just Conversion Rate Optimization

Ecommerce optimization demands critical attention for any online retailer. Maximizing conversion rate depends on many non-ecommerce variables such as page speed, site health, customer experience, and more. With so many levers available to pull, knowing which one will move the needle the most requires expertise, business acumen, and understanding human behavior.

Ecommerce logosSome of the ecommerce optimization tactics include:

  • Optimizing website health
  • Logically organizing categories
  • Offering logical upsells
  • Streamlining the checkout process
  • Following up with automated abandoned browse/cart emails
  • And more…

Whether your company uses Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or a proprietary build, ecommerce optimization can directly impact the bottom line.

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