Landing Pages Are The Cornerstone For All Digital Marketing Efforts.

Landing pages are critical to all digital marketing efforts including email marketing, search engine optimization, paid ads, special offers, and more.

An effective online strategy calls for building subject-specific or product-specific pages that are highly optimized. Most corporate websites that cover many subjects have a limited opportunity to explain the subject material (ie: about 300 words). However, they allow for a lot more content. For example, law firms targeting human resource departments would have their basic corporate law firm website but also build landing pages specific to human resource issues such as employee handbooks. A landing page provides an opportunity to really flush out a subject with more text, images, video, etc.

Landing pages should have a very clear call-to-action, make a specific offer, and be very focused. Other items include using graphics that guide the reader along the page, have an effective headline, use industry-standard page layouts, and include social proof to help increase conversions.


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