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Project Rescue: Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

Let’s face it, there are plenty of levels to “expertise.” Not everyone has the same level of proficiency or is the most skilled at something.

We have performed many “project rescues” involving businesses who hired the wrong vendor. Sometimes this is the result of a “slick” salesman, but more often than not, it’s simply because business owners don’t know what to look for in a vendor and don’t properly vet them out. Knowing what questions to ask makes all the difference.

Having been in the industry for 20+ years, we’ve seen a thing or two. Some of the projects we’ve rescued include:

  • Wrong Technology Platform
  • Poorly Setup Websites
  • Bad SEO Practices
  • Lazy Programming
  • Bad UX/UI
  • Website Lead Generation Programs
  • Security Breaches Resulting In Hacked Websites

Whatever the predicament, let us at least consult with you about your options moving forward.

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