Don’t Be Fooled: Know What To Look For

Vendor selection and management is one of the most critical steps in any web, marketing, e-commerce, or app development project. Vendors make the difference between overall project success/failure, meeting critical timelines, staying on budget, and dramatically impact the project’s ROI.

The problem is, most business owners and managers are often fooled by “impressive” vendors or don’t know or understand the actual requirements of the project and vendor to be able to truly make and informed decision. Often, vendors simply want to finish the project as soon as possible and move on to the next client without truly asserting thought leadership, genuine concern for the client, advance their own agenda/technology, or fear telling the client bad news that can stop the project entirely.

Advantages to having us help you select vendors include:

  • Tap into our 20+ years of working with vendors
  • Remove internal politics
  • Unbiased approach
  • Access our network
  • Keep vendors “honest”
  • Leverage our negotiations experience
Emarcom Vendor Management Process

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