Let Experts Manage Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Somethings are better left to professionals. A website, in many cases, is exactly one of those items. There is simply too much at stake.

For most businesses, a website is the most important marketing tool. Yet, many businesses build a site and almost forget they have one.

In today’s cyber-hacking world, a website can quickly go from being an asset to a liability if not properly monitored. If a website gets hacked, but it can cost you clients, money, credibility, and, most important, damage your brand. A secure, well designed, organized and properly built site can become a strong sales and customer support tool. Most businesses specialize in their area of business. Having an expert manage your site will free up time, lessen stress and help take your business to new levels.

Our Website Management Services include:

  • Website Hosting Available – shared or dedicated server
  • Website updates/edits
  • Website Action Item Report Fixes
  • Speed Testing/monitoring
  • Overall Site Health Report – 404s, sitemap, broken links, etc
  • Security Review – IP blocking, comment review, bandwidth usage, etc
  • Backup Status Review
  • Social Media Activity Reports – # followers, last activity, change last month, etc
  • Mobile First Page Subscription
  • Manage/Setup Google Search Console
  • And More…
Emarcom website management

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