Website Development

Businesses Depend On A Strong Internet Presence

A website is often the most important marketing tool businesses have. Whether the site just generates leads, supports customers or is a fully developed ecommerce platform, businesses should have a website that supports their business objectives.

However sophisticated, all websites go through the same development process:

Website Redesign

Built To Last

Today’s internet user expects websites to be fast loading, intuitive and visually appealing. Your competitors are updating their sites every two to three years. An old-looking site tells website visitors the business doesn’t care, isn’t aware, or is simply not very successful. Don’t get left behind on the digital marketing battlefield.

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SEO Foundations

Be Found

Search Engine Optimization is both an art and science. Following Google’s best practices is imperative. Webpages should be built properly and include meta descriptions, ALT tags, and keywords in the right places. SEO also includes tagging images correctly, using search engine friendly URLs, and the proper amount of keyword density.

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Website Admin

Proactive Webmaster

Websites are like a lawn. They need to be cared for. Not only does a website need to be set up properly, but the framework, plugins and theme need maintenance as well. Website updates can also cause problems or conflicts, so knowing what to do and when is important. We can handle all your website maintenance requirements.

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