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Website Diagnostics

All websites have issues

Website diagnostics are important to maintain a healthy, well-performing website that helps support business operations and growth. There are a lot of moving parts to a website. Sometimes, these parts break down. We offer three levels of website diagnostics or inspections that help uncover issues. Our website inspections include a detailed error report with an action plan.

We offer three levels of inspections:

Quick Check

4-Point Inspection

  • PageSpeed Report
  • Sitemap Check
  • Robots.txt Test
  • SSL Verification

Site Health

81-Point Check

  • Broken Links
  • H1 Usage
  • Minified Scripts
  • Chains and Loops
  • Meta/Alt Tags
  • And more…

Performance Review

147-Point Inspection

  • Website Site Health+
  • Detailed URL Error Report
  • Manual Review
  • Social Media Velocity
  • PageSpeed Analysis
  • Action Item List