Did you know that website “health” has a direct impact on search engine ranking?

Google will rank pages higher if the overall website is well-built and error-free.

Broken links, slow page speed, uncompressed scripts and more will negatively affect search results.

Did you outsource the building of your website to a third-party company?

More often than not we find that third-party website developers (even big agencies) cut corners and overlook critical items.

The website may look good…

But do you really know if the site was built “correctly?”

Unless you’re a web development company, chances are you have no idea.

Issues an audit will determine include:

  • How “solid” is your site?
  • Is anything missing?
  • Are there broken links?
  • Are some items not complete?
  • Does your website meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards?
  • Do your pages load “fast enough?”
  • Are your scripts properly compressed?
  • And more…

Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Don’t waste money on SEO unless your site is healthy!

Request a FREE Audit Today!

Find out how “healthy” your website actually is!

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