Website Performance Review

Ignorance is not bliss

Just like a car needs a tune-up or we need a physical, a website is no different. A website performance review is like a doctor’s physical. Websites have a lot of moving parts and can be constantly barraged by hackers trying to gain access to hosting servers. Also, updates in overall internet technology (such as php versions, WordPress and plugin updates, etc.) make it necessary to check that the website is functioning properly. 

Our Website Action Item Report is a 147-point inspection testing multiple levels of your website. Some of these tests are automated while other checks are done by our team personally. The result of this report will help you determine what needs to be fixed. The information can also help determine how effectively your website is performing and also learn what adjustments are needed for your marketing efforts.

Some of the items we check for include:

  • Website performance
  • Fundamental SEO page settings
  • Proper website hosting configuration
  • Basic website security measures
  • Sale funnel basics
  • Standard marketing protocols
  • Social media footprint
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