Where the AutoMagic Happens

The foundation of all interactive marketing the technology upon which it stands. Without the most modern tools available, marketing efforts can be slow and inefficient. Technology applies to not only a website, but also email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and simple office automation software.

Technology must be effective, efficient and flawless.

Content and Design are useless if the Technology can’t deliver the message and design in a timely and safe manner.

A Strong Base From Which To Soar

One of the biggest problems companies have is figuring out how to host their website. If the website is not hosted on a good server and if the server is not configured properly the website can appear to be slow. Slow websites have a higher chance of losing their audience quickly. This is known as bounce rate. Depending on what your website is doing, you may want to consider using a dedicated server as opposed to a shared server to host your website

Total Marketing Control

The software used to create websites is changing. Some companies are using old website technology that is not ideal for the search engines. Using old software means that the servers have to work harder to search your site which may cause you to be ranked lower and the search engines. A platform that is welcomed by Google is called WordPress. It is a Content management system that allows you to easily edit the content on the website without having a website developer.

Expand Functionality with a Click

Content Management Systems also use different plugins to add functionality to the website. The problem with some of these plugins is that they can conflict with each other and cause problems in other parts of the website. Also, using too many plugins, increase the chances of the website being hacked. By carefully configuring the website using the correct plugins and optimizing those plugins, a business can easily add a tremendous amount of functionality that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to create.

Don’t Talk Too Much

The coding used for the website is another area that can cause tremendous problems for a company. Many themes use a very complicated script to perform basic functions. The more complicated the scripting, the slower the website will be. Description of a website must carefully be reviewed and audited in order to make sure the website performs at its highest

We Have a Need for Speed

There are several factors that affect the speed that a website the speed of a website. Using online auditing tools, websites can be assessed to see how fast they actually load. Ideal make benchmarks include Less Than 3 seconds per page. There are also other factors such as CSS and JavaScript and which can also slow down a page, including image size and other factors.

Keep Bad Guys At Bay

Security is one of the last items most business owners concern themselves about. However, one hack can ruin a company’s reputation both online and offline because visitors can get infected with malware or other bad things. Also, when a website gets hacked, Google will start degrading its SEO ranking. Although security settings are never bullet-proof, making it more difficult to hack your site may be just enough to dissuade hackers and have them look elsewhere. Most business owners say that there’s nothing of value on their site to hack but hackers are rarely interested in the website’s content (except if the site does online transactions) and more interested in accessing the hosting server to install email spamming scripts, cryptocurrency relays, and other naughty things.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Using Google analytics on a website can provide tremendous insight into a business. Knowing what interests potential customers and how they interact with your information can provide a roadmap on how to best Market your prospects. Being the most significant marketing tool for most businesses, a website that does not include Analytics is a tremendous opportunity that is lost.