What…?! Coronavirus affects my website?!

Coronavirus is increasing website traffic because people are avoiding human contact.You got the wrong kind of virus, buddy!!

Wait! Hear me out…

Obviously, this pandemic is affecting business on all levels – local, national, international. As such, with meetings and flights being canceled, borders closed, and an overall reluctancy of people wanting to meet in person, your website is more important than ever!

Customers, vendors, and prospects may want to read more about your company from the safety of their own location. Maybe check to see if business operations are “normal.” They may rely more on connecting with you online or video demonstrations of your product or service.

The bottom line is that your website will have more traffic than before.

Most people judge a company by their website, so the impression visitors get from your website will impact your revenue.

More traffic means your website must be able to handle the demands. For example, slow page speeds will certainly lose an audience. Does your website have broken links? Do you have duplicate content? Does your website meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards? And, unfortunately, hackers are already having a field-day attacking sites because they know there are so many vulnerable sites.

Now, more than ever is the best time to conduct an audit of your site to make sure everything is working properly.

Our audits will check for:

  • Proper SEO setup
  • Broken links
  • Page speed
  • ADA accessibility standards compliance
  • Use of meta/alt tags
  • Security issues
  • Sitemap and robots.txt presence
  • Duplicate content
  • URL issues
  • Language declarations
  • Proper H1 usage
  • And much more…

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